Youth Self Isolates on Tree Considering Family Safety

In these covid times Self Isolation is a best measure one could take to save or keep the near and dear ones safe from this Virus called Corona. Self Isolation helps in not communicating the disease to others and gives the much needed indication that the person has passed the time where the corona virus could be active.

In a particular instance, a Telangana youth from Kotha Nandikonda in Nalgonda District of Telangana has self-isolated himself from the family after being infected from covid on a tree. The youth name shiva who used to do his graduation in Hyderabad and was eighteen years of age had to shift back to his home village after witnessing increasing cases of covid in Hyderabad. But less did he know that he was already infected with covid, this came to the fore once Asha workers visited him in his home village and ascertained that he was infected with Covid 19. The Asha workers advised Shiva to self isolate himself from family and friends so that they are safe and follow the medical routine advised. As shiva was from a BPL family living in a one-room house, occupied by his parents and two siblings was not sure where to self isolate himself, as they did not have space to do it. There was no isolation center in his village or nearby. So he decides to self isolate himself on a tree, he harnesses a bed on the tree branch and starts self-isolation.

After a while the villagers started inquiring why he is doing and started living on a tree, they learn that he is self isolating himself. He was given food by a bucket attached to a rope and even it was difficult for him to take nature calls as the family had only one toilet, so he decides to take to fields in morning and evening as a routine. But one day the police also arrives and enquires about it and learn that he is self isolating and the police advise him to spend the remaining four days in a new isolation centre put up in sc hostel in nearby village, and they shift him to this place for remaining duration. He has successfully completed his isolation period and contributed to the safety of family, friends and society.