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Pilk is the plant-based milk product that has gained popularity in India. Unlike conventional milk, Pilk is a 100% lactose-free milk alternative, making it an ideal choice for people who suffer from lactose intolerance, milk allergy, and other related health conditions. In addition to being lactose-free, Pilk is also cholesterol-free… Read more »

At In My Skin, we are all about helping people get comfortable and confident in their own skin. The same ethos is reflected in our clinic’s interiors which is an indoor-outdoor space meant to relax and intrigue those who walk in. We are an exclusive aesthetic dermatology center with state… Read more »

Eye Banks in Hyderabad Contact Numbers

Eye Banks Sadhuram 040-23221094 Ramayamma International, Jubilee Hills 040-23548266 Sarojini Devi 040-23317274 Chiranjeevi 040-23559555 L.V. Prasad 040-30612345

Decathlon Uppal

Decathlon Uppal, Decathlon Uppal is a store of the Decathlon chain, which is a French sporting goods retailer with stores around the world. Decathlon Uppal is located in the Uppal neighborhood of Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Decathlon Uppal is a one-stop destination for all your sporting needs. The store offers a… Read more »

Fever Hospital Hyderabad, Koranti Hospital

Fever Hospital is the first public hospital in the fight against infectious diseases such as malaria and dengue. As a tertiary care center, it provides advanced and intensive medical care to its patients and cooperates with Telangana government to provide free medical care for all patients. core. the heart. heart…. Read more »